CPP launches 70th anniversary

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has launched its 70th anniversary celebrations on the theme, ‘Building consensus through tolerance and sincerity’, with a call to all Nkrumahists to remain united towards the 2020 elections.     

The year-long celebrations will kick-start with hosting of deprived and abandoned children with disability from the Osu Children’s Home and the Children’s Ward of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital in Accra.

It is also expected to highlight the 70 years of experiencing victories, struggles, attacks, as well as being the only hope for Ghanaians today in the Fourth Republican dispensation.

Addressing members of the party yesterday in Accra, acting Chairperson of the CPP, Hajia Hamdatu Ibrahim, said it was the responsibility of all party faithful to unite and build the party.

She stressed that the party could only attain power through a united front to win in the parliamentary and presidential elections saying “it is not easy to fulfill that responsibility. We have to understand challenges, issues and problems we face and together we will restore CPP back to its glorious days.

“I am issuing a clarion call to all of us to mobilise the entire CPP in an even more confident in building a vibrant and prosperous political party towards the goal of national rejuvenation,” Hajia Ibrahim noted.

Kwesi Pratt, the Chairman for Logistics of the CPP, called on all Nkrumaists who had left the party to come, support and assist to build a stronger united party.

He said the party welcomes the support and assistance of all past members and leaders who were still committed, dedicated and determined in rebuilding the party.

Mr Pratt was confident that the party could regain power when members of the party disregarded their difference and fight for a common agenda.

Exactly seventy years ago, yesterday, the CPP was born in the Gold Coast at Saltpond and on June 12, 1949 the raging difference between Nkrumah and the section of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) leadership reached a crescendo leading to the split of the CPP.

BY BERNARD BENGHAN                        

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