CPP expresses gratitude to stakeholders for support

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has expressed its gratitude to stakeholders who supported in the launch and commencement of its year-long 70th anniversary celebration.

The party was grateful to the leaderships of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Progressive People’s Party (PPP), United Front Party (UFP), New Patriotic Party (NPP), and National Democratic Congress (NDC) for their presence at the launch.

A statement signed by James Kwabena Bomfeh Jnr, the CPP acting General Secretary, said the party also expressed gratitude to the Minister of Trade and Industry, through whose intervention it received assistance from Kasapreko Company Limited, VitaMilk Ghana and Health Life.

It said the CPP began the year-long 70th anniversary celebrations with a feast with deprived, abandoned, physically challenged and orphaned children from the Osu Children’s Home, OH Africa, Echoing Hills, Multi kids Africa and inmates of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

The statement said the party also re-launched the Convention newspaper with fundraising at the party headquarters on the theme: ‘Building Consensus through Tolerance and Sincerity’, which the party said remained the only hope for the citizenry in the Fourth Republican democratic dispensation.

“Some of the activities held were thanksgiving services, a congregational worship with the Islamic Faith at the Abossey Okai Central Mosque, at the Prince Emmanuel Seventh Day Adventist Church, at the Action Faith Chapel International and believers in African traditional religion.

“Congregational prayers were said for the leadership of the country; executive, legislature, judiciary, the citizenry and media at the request of the party, we are grateful to God for protection and guidance through last week.

 “We pray for more as we continue to engage key institutions of state and non-state in strategic conversations to evolve a new way of tackling the myriad of self-inflicted challenges confronting the nation especially the 1992 Constitution.

“We are hopeful to redirect the nation on a new path of strategic rethinking and consensus building for the forward march of the country in the interest of the people of this great nation,” the statement said.


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