‘CPP can make impact on Election 2020 with astute leadership’

The 2016 Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Odododiodoo Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Issaka Sampson, has observed that the party needs an astute leadership to lead the processes for revamping it for a meaningful impact in Election 2020.

He explained that “the failure of the CPP in previous elections is mainly based on its inability to organise and mobilise even though we daily sing the slogan organisation decides all because Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s party was built based on astute organisation, we have lost that vim under the fourth republic, but I am ready to rekindle that vim.”

Declaring his intention to contest for the National Organiser slot of the party at its National Delegates Congress, Mr Sampson stressed that the CPP needed a national organiser who had strength and wherewithal to work with all candidates through constituencies and regional officers with will power to meet boot-for-boot other organisers and sell party’s message to electorate.

 “I will employ corporate strategy to promote party locally and at national level, we need to reinvigorate grassroot volunteers to help with campaigning, CPP electorate must elect someone with ability to change our fortune, we cannot continue to record zero at polling stations across the country.

“It is a disgrace for Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP to record zero at polling stations and perform abysmally in national elections under the fourth republic, we have sat down for too long, we must come together to work as a solid team to build legacy of Osagyefo, two key attributes of party’s national organiser are compatibility and acceptability.

“They are cardinal skills an organiser must exhibit to attract others to specific cause and move them to take actions, I stand for that since I’m a dynamic young man, hard work pays, it’s time to honour determination, dedication, commitment and loyalty, I urge delegates to use opportunity of electing national leaders as first step towards instilling discipline in party,” Mr Sampson insisted.

He warned that the party would no longer tolerate acts of indiscipline and lawlessness which had undermined internal structures through gross misconduct and behaviour being demonstrated by some members of party and had adversely affected its image since no party could survive on foundation of weak leadership but needed strong leaders to steer affairs. -GNA

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