COVID-19: We must obey directive to prevent spread of coronavirus

In the wake of the Corona virus (COVID 19) pandemic, some celebrities especially musicians have added their voice to public education on safety and precautionary measures to prevent its spread.

Among them is Vida Afriyie, a gospel musician who is helping to create awareness about the novel disease

In an interview with Times Weekend, the budding gospel musician said “in moments like this, directives being given by experts need to be adhered to, to prevent the spread of the sickness.

“As the saying goes, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. The issue of cleanliness is another plague killing us and  militating against the progress of the country and we cannot fight the virus if we do not practice these basic steps of hygiene”

She said the measures were not difficult for Ghanaians to follow.

“I am calling on my friends and fans to please maintain good hygiene and wash hands under running water frequently to prevent the spread of the disease.

She said no matter ones faith “we need to comply with directives of experts and as well as seek the face of God”.

The disease, Vida Afriyie, said was no respector of man as prominent people and public figures were reported to have contracted it and some were dead.

“People like Prince Charles, Idris Elba and the N.B.A. star Kevin Durant have tested positive and are  isolating  themselves from the public. Though none of our public figures have reported positive, everyone must be on the alert” she added.

Vida Afriyie is a new signee to Trust Productions and about to release a single.


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