COVID-19; our recklessness, lawlessness exposed

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a reckless attitude amongst the citizenry which needs to be changed immediately for our own good else the country would find itself in hot waters.

We speak of the blatant disregard for social distancing at various parts of the country, especially the areas under partial lockdown in this crucial time of the COVID-19 fight.

This is not the first time the Ghanaian Times is commenting on indiscipline during this period but we have found it necessary to remark again because this stubbornness continues unabated. 

As scientists around the world race against time to get a vaccine, social distance of two metres between two persons is one of the highly recommended precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

According to researchers, the rapid spread of the virus is likely due to the movements of people with no or very mild symptoms who are unaware that they even have the virus. 

It is therefore in order that the government, led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and many health experts has on numerous occasions recommended that social distancing is observed.

But what is happening now? Many residents in Accra and Kumasi have thrown caution to the wind and are mingling with each other as though there is nothing at stake.

We are appalled by the actions of revellers who gathered at some beaches including Chorkor and Sakumno over the weekend and had to be chased and arrested by security officials.

Similarly, we are dismayed that several markets have been closed down and traders relocated to football fields and other open spaces because of non-compliance to social distancing.

The height of the indiscipline is exhibited during food distribution by various organisations in Accra where people, especially the destitute, queue closely or crowd distribution centres.

The results of these actions are obvious. It would accelerate the spread of the disease and ground to a halt all the efforts and sacrifices invested in the fight from day one. 

Since it appears we prefer the application of force to comply with laws and 

directives, we urge the security personnel not to spare anyone who is caught engaging in this indiscipline. 

If the spread of the virus cannot scare them, maybe making offenders face the full rigors of the law would serve as deterrent to others who have determined in their hearts to indulge in the indiscipline spree.

The COVID-19 is a serious issue that must not be taken lightly. We cannot allow the frivolity of a few to endanger the entire country. The security agencies must rise to the occasion.

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