COVID-19: GMA trains staff on proper observance of safety protocols.

Global Media Alliance (GMA), a marketing communications industry leader, has organised a virtual training session to educate its staff on the proper observance of the COVID-19 safety protocols as part of efforts to retool staff on the fight against the pandemic.

Speaking on the training session, Fafa Gbeho, Head of Human Resources at GMA said, “As a nation, we have witnessed a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases in recent times. As such, we put together this training to provide staff with accurate information on issues surrounding the Ghanaian situation on the pandemic and some strategies that can be adopted in stopping the spread of the virus.”

She mentioned that access to accurate information “ is key in order to win the fight against the pandemic”.

Dr Abraham Oppong Adjei, a specialist in Occupational Health and Employee Wellness, in his submission, noted that the virus is a very dangerous one, due to the fact that no cure nor vaccine has been found yet, urging all participants to adhere strictly to the safety protocols that have been put in place by the World Health Organisation and the Government of Ghana.

He emphasised that frequent handwashing and the use of the face mask were major ways of protecting oneself from contracting the virus. “Wash your hands with soap under running water as much as possible and always keep your alcohol-based hand sanitisers close. However, the use of the hand sanitisers should not be used as a substitute for handwashing.”

On his part, Mr Samuel Otuo-Serebuor, a pharmacist underscored the need for good respiration hygiene and a healthy, active lifestyle amidst the pandemic.

“Coughing and sneezing into the air is a major way by which the virus is spread. Thus, it is advisable to cough or sneeze into a tissue, dispose immediately after use and wash your hands with soap under running water or apply an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.”

“In the management of COVID-19, early detection is key. However, there is the need to exercise regularly, take in a lot of water and consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. Doing these would place your body in a better position to fight the virus,” he added.

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