COVID-19: Don’t sing songs that would lead to vigorous dancing in Church- Praise and Worship Leaders Cautioned

Sensational Gospel Music Artiste, Solomon Yidanahas cautioned praise and worship leaders to lead songs that would not lead into vigorous dancing which may influence congregants to come into close body contacts in Church.

According to the Gospel Music dynamo, when danceable tunes are sung by praise and worship leaders, worshippers may be desirous to move to the dancefloor by flouting the social distancing protocol.

This, he accentuated would bring close contacts of individuals where worshippers possibly would shake hands with one another as they did in their previous worship times.

“We are not in normal times and we shouldn’t create an enabling atmosphere at church which would bounce back the normal way of fellowshipping because it poses a dangerous repercussion on many whereby the spread of the virus will increase the number of persons living with COVID-19”, Solomon Yidana addressed.

On his part, the coronavirus is not a respecter of humans which spared individuals in the act of worshipping but rather spared the cautious.

The artiste expressed worry that, some would ignore the directives given by authorities in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result would keep increasing the number of recorded cases in Ghana.

Solomon Yidana, who also doubles as an Evangelist admonished church leaders to strictly adhere to the safety protocols to help control the spread of the deadly virus.

According to him, having an unwavering faith alone would not stop the spread of the virus but rather a strict adherence to the safety protocols would champion the cause of combating the pandemic.

Underscoring the fact that, COVID-19 was a science based disease and has changed the culture of the church where handshakes and hugging one anther was the norm and combating the deadly virus could only be battled in a scientific based manner by adhering to simple instructions.

He again admonished church leaders to ensure all the directives given by authorities to enable them contain the spread of the coronavirus by strictly ensuring the wearing of nose masks and observing other hygienic protocols.

Solomon Yidana was optimistic that, when all the rules specified by authorities who adhered to, there would be no mass infestations of the virus at church places.

The gospel artiste reiterated that, singers at church should be very careful on their movement in the church while leading the praise and worship sessions.

“Churches must comply by the set directives meant to govern religious activities in the era of coronavirus pandemic and congregants must be extremely vigilant about the consequences of having body contacts while fellowshipping”, he emphasised.

The gospel artiste further stressed that, believers of the gospel of Christ should cultivate the habit of communicating to their maker at every point in time.

“You can worship the creator of Heaven and earth in your closet which is acceptable by God because he is the omnipresent who is available to hear your supplications at every corner you find yourself”, Evangelist Yidana indicated.

By Alfred NiiArdayAnkrah

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