COVID-19: Bring Alternative Medicine Practitioners on board to assist – Dr Caesar…recommends Lina Tea as immune booster

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of M.Y Caesar Company,  Dr Caesar has urged government to involve alternative medicine practn itioners in their fight against the deadly COVID-19(Corona virus).

According to Dr Caesar most of the practitioners have quality equipment,technical know-how and resources to help government prevent the spread of the virus and must be brought on board.

“We need all hands on board to fight against the virus and though government hospitals and facilities are doing their best, they would need the assistance from alternative medicine practitioners and clinics to completely stop the pandemic,” he stated.

He added that, private facilities were usually the first point of call for people who experience symptoms of the virus and should be part of the holistic approach towards the prevention of the virus.

“We do not need money from the government but the right acknowledgement and support to help prevent the virus for the entire country to become safe again,” he said.

He recommended that,they should also be brought on board to produce immune boosters that would ensure that the public do not easily get infected amidst the ongoing partial lockdown.

“Immune boosters would prepare the body to resist any disease or foreign material from entering the body to infect it with the virus. Immune boosters must be produced locally and largely consumed by the public to help the fight,”he stressed.

His company, producers of Lina Energy Tea he said, was committed to making the product accessible to everyone across the country as part of efforts to combat the virus.

“This is the time for everyone to get the right immune boosters to stay strong and avoid easily getting infected with the virus,” he stressed.

Local producers he said, must be empowered to produce as that would go a long way to help.


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