Coronavirus breach …Bayern fine Jerome Boateng

Bayern Munich have fined defender Jerome Boateng for leaving Munich “without permission”, following his breach of the strict rules of confinement imposed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Bayern defender Jerome Boateng left Munich on Wednesday without permission from the club,” said the Bundesliga champions in a statement.

“Boateng has transgressed the guidelines issued by the club by being too far away from his home. 

“These guidelines govern the behaviour of the FC Bayern players in the current situation in line with government directives on restrictions on movement and the recommendations of the health authorities.”

Bayern did not specify the amount of the fine which was being donated to local hospitals.

According to, TVO television had reported that the 31-year-old had left the city in order to visit his son who suffered minor injuries in a road traffic accident on Tuesday (March 31).

“I know it was certainly a mistake not to inform the club of my journey, but at the time, I was only thinking about my son,”Boateng told Bild newspaper. 

“He was not in good health. If a son calls his father, then of course I will go, whatever the time of day.”

Meanwhile, Bayern board member and former Germany international Oliver Kahn, has hinted transfer fees and wages could come down in the future after the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“A crisis is always a test of resilience. It shows how we as a club, how everyone involved deals with change,” Kahn said.

“If we can manage to absorb those shocks, chances are we come out of the crisis stronger.

“There’ll be a world after corona. We’ll change our attitude in many areas of life through this crisis. 

“For football it might mean a reversal from chronic oversaturation to more moderation.” – Sky Sports

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