Cops catch 3 children dropped from burning building

Senior police officers in Des Moines, Iowa, came together to save three children from a burning apartment building on Tuesday.

The officers – Cole Johnson, Craig Vasquez, Tyler Kelley and Casey Sanders – caught the children as they were dropped down to safety from a third-floor window – an act that has earned them a lot of praise and appreciation online.

The incident was captured on a body camera, and the footage shared online by Des Moines Police.

“Officers arrived [at the scene] to find that heavy smoke was preventing their access to the third floor.

“Senior Police Officers Cole Johnson, Craig Vasquez, Tyler Kelley, and Casey Sanders quickly positioned themselves outside the building, and caught children that were dropped to them from a third floor window. All are well…” wrote the police department while sharing the footage.

Since it was shared online, the footage has been viewed over 51,000 times. It has also collected hundreds of comments praising the cops for their quick-thinking and courage.

“This is the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen on Facebook. Thank you, officers,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Wow, what amazing officers! Thank you for ALL you do!” said another.

In a separate post, the police department thanked the four officers. According to local reports, no injuries were reported from the fire. Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Huge wave sweeps away tourist posing on cliff

A dramatic video has captured the terrifying moment a huge wave swept away a tourist posing on a cliff.

The footage which went viral online showed a woman posing at Devil’s Tear on the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan. As she stands with her arms outstretched, a smile on her face, a giant wave knocks her to the ground.

People can be heard screaming in the video as they scramble for safety and the woman disappears from view.

The footage was first shared on Facebook on Friday, and went quickly viral from there.

The unnamed woman fortunately survived the ordeal with only minor injuries.

An Instagram page shared footage of her being carried by a man and receiving medical attention after the accident.

Using the incident as a warning, they wrote: “Please like and share this video so more people understand how dangerous it is to stand this close! Please stop and be careful! You still have an amazing view 20m from the edge.”

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