Coordinating Directors advised to fast track processes after MMDCEs confirmation

The National Dean of Presiding Members, Joseph Korto, has advised Metropolitan Municipal and District Coordinating Directors to fast-track the processes after confirmation of Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) within the 21-day as stipulated by the 1992 Constitution.

“As soon as the nominations of MMDCEs come out you must immediately inform the District Electoral Commission to conduct their confirmation elections within 21 days, as stipulated by the 1992 Constitution,” he stressed.

Mr Korto, who is also the Presiding Member of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly appealed to the Coordinating Directors not to unduly delay the processes after their confirmation and also called on Assembly Members also not to delay in the confirmation of the MMDCEs when the names finally come out.

Speaking at a stakeholder meeting, he cautioned that such unduly delays on the part of both Coordinating Directors and Assembly Members had dire consequences on the progress, growth and development of local governance.

“Even though the nominations of the MMDCEs have seemingly been delayed Coordinating Directors and Assembly Members should not delay the confirmation of the names that get nominated to the Assemblies and processes after their nominations because residents are faced with progress, growth and developmental challenges within the various electoral areas,” Mr Korto admonished.

Maintaining that any further delay in confirming the MMDCEs would only have dire ripple effects on the Assemblies and the electorates, the Dean however, observed that some of the MMDCEs had not exhausted their four-year tenure in office because the new Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) were created two years ago.

He indicated that their MMDCEs should be allowed to work effectively and efficiently till the president reappointed them or did otherwise since the law stipulated that MMDCEs after their confirmation had four-year mandate unless President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo or Assembly Members decided to remove such persons from office where necessary.

Responding to the question of whether there is any power vacuum as to the delay in the nomination of the MMDCEs; Mr Korto insisted that the Assemblies were working and contended that the various sub-committees within the Assemblies met to deliberate and take decisions to effectively and efficiently run the Assemblies, “so there is no vacuum, we are working assiduously to accelerate progress, growth and development of livelihoods”. -GNA

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