Consistency, discipline and positive mindset are catalysts for business success-Elvis Justice

Celebrated Entrepreneur, Elvis Justice Bedi has explained that, consistency, discipline, and having a positive mindset towards ones business are the core fundamentals for financial breakthrough and success in entrepreneurship.

He said entrepreneurs and business owners need these elements of principles to enable them achieve their goals and see positive impacts in their businesses.

The Entrepreneur made these assertions while addressing participants at the “Meet and Learn” seminar hosted by Elvis Justice Bedi in Accra.

The business seminar was attended by scores of business professionals and business enthusiasts who needed new ideas to run their businesses.

The seminar was to provide financial literacy to participants, the meet and learn would highlight on the need of forex trading, crypto currency, stocks, indices among others.

Seasoned experts in the above mentioned field schooled participants on how to be successful in forex trading and other businesses at the meet and learn seminar.

Some of the seasoned guests include, @yawswinger, @kira_forex, @kemmatrades, @Enamusic, among other seasoned professionals

According to Bedi, one must be guided by his priorities and also be principled in keeping track of business records in order to measure the success and short comings of the business.

On his part, anything apart from the aforementioned would eventually lead to destruction and could ruin a business achievement.

He stated that, in aspiring for financial breakthrough, any negative habit must be eschewed and by so doing, it would be the gateway to financial liberty.

He admonished the youth to keep on striving to the attainment of their goals because there was no shortcut to success.

He added that one must approach the appropriate techniques in pursuing his or her business life.

Justice Bedi cautioned the youth to avoid creating unnecessary pressure on social media with meager income because it has the tendency of risking one’s business to be ruined.

By Alfred Nii Arday Ankrah

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