Consensus building needed in management of state—Goosie Tanoh

Mr Goosie Tando addressing the media.

Mr Goosie Tando addressing the media.

A flag bearer aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Augustus Goosie Tanoh has called for consensus building in the management of affairs of the country.

According to him, “while the country’s constitution guaranteed pluralism, we cannot continue to be divided on every issue including those that are paramount for national development.

“I think we have come to a point in our lives that we must begin to tone down our partisanship, there must be some consensus on what our ills and ailments are as a society, this is the only way we can progress as a society,” he stressed.

Mr. Tanoh, who was interacting with a section of journalists as part of his campaign activities for the NDC flag bearership said no nation had been able to get out of the woods with just a section of the citizenry.

“As a result, a conscious effort must be made by the ruling class to develop the culture of consensus building among the citizenry, we must as a people agree on what our values are and also what our ills and ailments are then we can progress.”

Outlining his vision for the NDC as a political party and the country as a whole, Mr. Tanah lamented that “even though the country has made some economic progress under the fourth republic that alone was not enough.

“Our level of development must not only be based on our economic indicators but also the general well being of the majority, we need to rise together, we can only do that by creating the opportunity through education of the citizenry.

“Agriculture, health and social housing were just but two of the most critical areas of our national life that requires urgent attention in order to stabilise the situation, our government is broke and it is going to be broke for a long time to come, our only way out is to empower our productive sector, the transformative agenda must be hinged on empowering people at the community level.

“We must develop faith in ourselves and believe that with unity of purpose our country can be rebuilt, if the media act as an impartial guardian by challenging our leaders to critically think about issues and policies rather than emphasising personalities,” Mr Tanoh pointed out.


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