‘Conduct periodic electrical audit on installations’

The public must conduct periodic electrical audit on their installations at homes, work and public places to prevent the occurrence of fire outbreaks, Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO) Alhaji Nuhu Gibril, the Accra Regional Fire Commander, had stated.

He said such audit should be conducted by certified electricians to help detect faulty electrical installations to prevent possible fire outbreaks.

DCFO Gibril gave the advice in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra yesterday.

He stated that 209 cases of fire outbreaks were recorded in the region from January to February 20this year, resulting in the death of two people and three others sustaining injuries.

DCFO Gibril mentioned that most of the causes of the outbreaks recorded in Accra included domestic, electrical, and vehicular fires.

The commander said as part of efforts to reduce fire outbreaks in the region, his outfit had intensified its outreach programmes to the public to mitigate the impact.

He said fire taskforce teams would also be established in the Municipal Command across the region to help in the sensitisation drive.

DCFO Gibril stated that the service had also intensified its fire risk assessments at public places to ensure compliance of fire safety.

He stated that the command would also collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including the Ghana Water Company, Electricity Company of Ghana and the Metropolitan District Assemblies and the media.

He said internal training for personnel would also be intensified.

He mentioned some of the challenges affecting their operations of service as accessibility to scenes during fire outbreaks.

The commander stated that people also did not call the GNFS on time, adding that delays in reaching out to them on emergency numbers escalated issues at the scene.

He said the public must endeavour to call the GNFS on emergency numbers 192 and 112 when there was an emergency of fire outbreak and also provide reliable address to the scene of emergency.

The Regional Commander stated that the outbreak of fires affected both the individual and the nation at large which must be avoided.

He urged the public to install first aid fire equipment such as smoke detectors, sprinklers and extinguisher among others to help during emergencies.

DCFO Gibril said fire safety issues must be made a priority at all times, adding that fire safety was a collaborative effort, saying, “Everybody must adhere to the fire safety regulations and practise the dosanddon’ts to ensure safety.”

He said the public should endeavour to switch off electrical appliances in homes and offices when not in use.


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