‘Collaborate with environmental professionals to promote sustainable devt’

The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) has called on Ghanaians to work collaborative­ly with environmental professionals to promote sustainable develop­ment.

According to the group, the pur­suit of a more sustainable country rests not only on the shoulders of the professionals but on all citizens, hence the need to work together.

“While environmental profes­sionals bear significant respon­sibility in ensuring sustainability, achieving this goal requires the participation of all individuals, businesses, governments, and poli­cymakers,” the group stated.

This was contained in a state­ment issued in Accra on Saturday on the occasion of this year’s Envi­ronmental Professionals Day.

Citing Richard Rogers, a British architect, it said the only way forward in improving the quality of the environment was to get every­body involved.

The statement commended environmental professionals par­ticularly IAIA members, corporate organisations, financial institutions, professional bodies, academia, civil society organisations and the media who work to promote sustainable development.

“We especially recognise the work of our corporate members and appreciate your commitment and efforts in promoting sound environmental practices. We want to celebrate and thank our gallant environmental professionals,” it added.

Environmental professionals in Ghana, the statement said, contin­ue to protect the natural environ­ment, social structures, and human health and safety to secure a higher quality of life for the citizenry.

It noted that environmental professionals play a vital role in safeguarding Ghana’s environment amidst climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss which were the three main challenging inter­linked planetary crises.

“As members of IAIA-Gha­na, we have worked tirelessly to promote sound environmental management, ensured compliance with environmental regulations and sustained a community of compe­tent environmental practitioners across all sectors,” the statement added.

Environmental Professionals Day was established worldwide on April 15 to recognise and acknowl­edge the crucial contribution of environmental professionals in the continuous pursuit of a just and sustainable world for all living things.

Environmental professionals include social and environmental scientists, engineers and planners, public and environmental health specialists.


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