City of God Church holds 2nd Christmas feast

The City of God Church at Ashaley Botwe on Sunday held its second Christmas banquet as part of effort to intensify its evangelism campaign.

It attracted members of the Ashaley Botwe community including the elders of the AshaleyBotwe Traditional Council, children, parents and the aged.

It turned out to be a massive Sunday service for the church and community members that turned up in their numbers and were refreshed after the servicein the spirit of Christmas.

The event, which was the second of its kind by the church, also formed part of the church’s commitment to reach out to the community and share the love and care of God in a very practical way as captured in Luke 14: 23 of the bible.

In the biblical account, a story was told of a master who asked his servants to “Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in so that my house will be full.”

Delivering a sermon titled “A big man with a big trouble,” the Head Pastor of the City of God Church, Apostle John Kpipki, urged members to always desire to be in the presence of God.

Referencing the story of a Syrian Army General, Naaman, who was miraculously healed of leprosy in the book of 2 Kings Chapter five, Apostle Kpikpi reminded the congregation of God’s ability to solve every problem, including ailments which put them in difficult situations.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Times after the service, Apostle Kpikpi said the church was excited to have organised a successful event that offered a platform to reach out to the community.

“It has gone beyond our wildest dreams. I think we set out for 1,200 people but I have been told the numbers are more than that. We thank God and we give him the glory.”

“We are happy the gospel has been preached. We had more than 50 people coming to give their lives to Christ. It is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. We are very excited about this.”

He said the church would consider holding the event every quarter of the year, adding that our dream is to “gather the people, celebrate God’s name and get people to be saved by turning from their sins and coming to know Jesus Christ.”

In attendance was the Create Academy of the City of God Church which thrilled the audience with a special ballerina dance performed by the young girls in the church.


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