‘Citizenry have higher expectations of govt’

Nana Amoasi VII,Executive Director of the ‎Institute for Energy Security (IES), has observed that the expectations of the citizenry of the government is high and must work to ease the economic pressure on them.

He said because of high expectations, the government was always called upon to do more to ameliorate plight of the people.

Touching on the government’s reaction to the #FixTheCountry campaign, Nana Amoasi noted that the government could have absorbed the situation,admitted there were issues to be addressed and had not been able to handle fuel prices well since over the last four years fuel prices had increased by 70 per cent.

His comments come after the Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia added his voice to the ongoing #FixTheCountry online campaign, stated the job of the government was to fix challenges and that is what “we have been doing since 2017”.

In a Facebook post, he stated that COVID-19 pandemic had slowed down global economy and caused increases in prices of commodities such as oil, cement and iron rods as well as overall cost of shipping and also listed a number of projects undertaken by the government vis-à-vis what they inherited after the 2020elections.

Yaw Moses, a member of the #FixGhana Movement, indicated that although the government had done some work to alleviate the plight of the citizenry, the work done so far, was not enough and noted that economic figures thrown out by the Vice President in an attempt to explain the work done by the government, did not reflect realities on ground.

“We are talking about figures not reflecting on grounds because when you go to the market, do you think inflation figures correspond with what is going on in markets? We are talking about reality on ground because when you go to markets, what is reality on the ground?

“This is not about figures since a bag of cement is GHC50, how can a young man like me build a house due to skyrocketing of Iron rods, what is cost of living now and we are talking about realities on ground, what they have done is not enough,” Mr Moses bemoaned.-3news.com

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