Churches, religious bodies urged to pray for Ghana

The Assistant Leader of the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), Reverend Fredrick Dadson has appealed to churches and other religious bodies to pray for the country.

According to him, there was no doubt that the nation was facing serious economic challenges but the Lord was ready to bring healing to the land if church leaders arose and prayed.

Rev. Dadson was speaking in Accra on Wednesday during the GES press conference held in Accra.

“The Lord says, though the crises will continue into the next year, he God will supply Ghana with the beauties of progress, the beauties of healing, the beauties of deliverance, the goods of restoration, the goods of peace and the goods of progress,” he said.

He emphasised that although, leaders, politicians, presidents, and heads of states were doing their best in keeping things under control as they faced the wrath, anger, frustration and disappointments of their people, they should still keep up their faith in God.

“With the current situation around us, nations, peoples, kings, rulers, the great and the knowledgeable would find and assign many reasons for the current state of affairs in the nation but God knows his people and wants us all to call on him,” he stated.

Rev. Dadson noted that, the Lord was surely going to lift up the nation out of the doldrums only if churches in the nation rose and took up the task of leading the nation to him by making his word known unto people.

“Many have uttered disgraceful words, insults and even malicious statements against Ghana, the President and leadership of the nation, many are boasting in mischief and have raised their tongues like sharp razors but the Lord wants us all to be humble,” he stated.

He warned that, politicians who knew the truth about the current economic challenges and had deliberately, deceitfully, mischievously and wickedly raised their tongues against the sitting government as though, they were solely responsible for the happenings must have attitudinal change.

“For the country to receive the blessings of God it is his will that the Church, leaders in the country and the Body of Christ in the land rise in action, in unity of the common faith to call on God in all humility and he will hear and answer us,” he said.


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