Christians urged to espouse humility, righteousness

Chairman of Ghana United Pastors Association (GUPA), Apostle Dr Richmond Ewusi-Ainooson, has asked Christian leaders and their followers to espouse humility, discipline and righteousness.

He said “GUPA is focused on training individuals to become passionate about propagating the gospel of Christ. We will not relent in our efforts to increase awareness about the need for all Christians to live righteous lives”.

Apostle Dr Ewusi-Ainooson made the call at the fourth graduation of GUPA and ordination of new ministers of the gospel, at Ashongman in Accra last Sunday.

Delivering a sermon on the topic ‘Humble Yourself Before the Lord’, he said that “humility attracts immeasurable blessings from God,” adding that when pastors lead exemplary lives, it served as a check on selflessness.

Dr Ewusi-Ainooson said “The young ones are watching us, many of them emulate us that is why we must be very careful about the kind of message we send to them through our acts. Our behaviours can also attract more people to Christianity. Sometimes the way we carry ourselves can even make unbelievers develop interest in knowing God, so let us glorify God in all we do.”

He cautioned Christians against amassing wealth, saying “Do not be envious or treacherous. Commercialising the gospel of Christ is something I will strongly caution you against. Focus on God, worship him in truth and he will take care of you”.

According to Apostle Dr Ewusi-Ainoonson, it was important for the pastors to always remind themselves that good name was far better than riches, adding that nobody serves God without reaping supernatural benefits.

He expressed worry that some pastors, who started genuinely “went wayward later because they succumbed to the pressures of life.”

Apostle Dr Ewusi-Ainoonson assured that GUPA would continue to campaign against the ills of society, and called for sanity among the clergy.

Bishop Reginald Owusu, a patron of GUPA, congratulated the newly ordained ministers of the gospel and advised them to focus on winning more souls for God\.


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