Christians advised to accept divergent views

The Head of the Department of Pastoral Ministry and Evangelisation, Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference-National Catholic Secretariat, Rev. Fr Gabriel Liashiedzi, has called on Christians to accept divergent views and refrain from tagging those who did not agree with them as enemies.

Instead, he said, “even those who wrong you, you should pray for them, love them and wish them well because they have the potential to change their lives to become better people.”     

 Delivering the homily at St John of God Catholic Church at Amrahia, Rev. Fr Gabriel Liashiedzi explained that referring to people as enemies meant God was an enemy and that was unacceptable.

According to him, “though we failed to do what God has commanded us to do, he still loved us, bestowed his blessings on us and considered all people who were created in his image and likeness his children.”     

Rev. Fr Liashiedzi reminded the faithful that they were one family of God, therefore, they must love each other, do what is required of them in relation to the Commandments of God and rededicate their lives to the service of God. 

He said a neighbour, according to the Jewish terminology, was not limited to those who shared boundary with them, but those who did everything in common with them, came to their aid in times of troubles and difficulties, and provided immense assistance to demonstrate their love. 

Rev. Fr Liashiedzi noted that to turn the other cheek to those who slapped them meant they should willingly give to others from their hearts, adding that charity covered a multitude of sins.

He advised the parishioners to uphold the virtues of truth at all times and desist from compromising with wrongdoing which had become the norm in society.


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