Christian blamed for failing to tackle corruption

Bishop Emmanuel Botwe (inset) delivering his address at the conference

The General Overseer of the Christian Faith Church International (CFCI), Bishop Emmanuel Botwe, has blamed the Christian community for failing to tackle the menace of corruption in the country, adding that “the negatives are more pronounced in the Church.”

He said“We as Christians cannot exonerate ourselves from the menace of corruption and other economic, social even spiritual malpractices which have put our nation on the brink of hopelessness. I am tempted by what we see around us to admit that, these negative and worrying characteristics are more pronounced in the church contrary to the fact that we are the salt and light of the world. This is a matter of great concern and many are drifting from the standards of righteousness.”

Bishop Botwe made this observation at the 2019 Council of Ministers Conference of CFCI which opened in Takoradi on Tuesday on the theme ‘Ministering with balance.’

Presently, in Ghana, he noted that, one worrying concern among the populace was the decadence in the character of ministers of the gospel, especially with the content of the preaching and their desire for material things and described them as misplacement of priorities.

Encouraging the delegates to work with a balance, Bishop Botwe urged them to practise all the counsel of God with reasonableness because “ministers should be above reproach.”

He said, one characteristic of salt was to fight corruption and save objects from rottenness, but, asked whether “we can honestly say that as Christians and spiritual leaders, we are genuinely fighting corruption within the House of God?”

He declared“As we seek to minister with balance, we should be shining examples to the young adults especially the ‘millennium Christians.’ We should do all we can, to remain chaste and avoid compromises, since there should be a clear distinction between the Church and the world.”

The General Overseer of CFCI underscored that the conference needed to take stock of the ministry and also receive a renewal of strength, imparting knowledge and equipping CFCI to another level.

The church, Botwe said, was living in perilous times with lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, brutal despisers of good, traitors and lovers of money.

“Most of our messages are out of balance as we have become earthly minded. The church is producing more worldly carnal Christian ministers, politicians and civil servants and business people. Are we as the light of the world shinning and giving the needed direction to our communities and our nation? I pray for a right balance and a positive impact on our nation.”He said.

The General Overseer of Faith Alive Chapel at Sekondi, Rev. Bob Asare, also said the church needed to purge itself to maintain the balance, dwelling on the word of God for people to see the fruits and the gifts of God.

The Executive Secretary of the Minster Network in Sekondi-Takoradi, Rev. Dr Daniel Bright Karikari, said some ministers had become liabilities instead of assets to the church.


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