CHRAJ: Fight against corruption achievable

The Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has maintained that the fight against corruption is achievable because reportage of whistleblowing has increased.

It explained that increase in whistleblowing reportage was building a culture of integrity for future generations to reduce to the barest minimum corruption-related practices.

In furtherance of this, the Commission said it would commemorate this year’s Anti-Corruption and Transparency (ACT) Week and the International Anti–Corruption Day (IACD) from December 6 to 10.

Richard Quayson, Deputy Commissioner of CHRAJ, said the five-day programme would be on the theme: Building a Culture of Integrity for Generations Seeking to Raise People of Integrity’, is not only for current generation of leaders and working population, but for students, children, and future generations.

“Through implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP), awareness of evils of corruption and mechanism for reporting corrupt offences which included whistleblowing has increased with most institutions have or are in processes of establishing safe corruption reporting mechanisms at the workplace.

“The commemoration of anti-corruption week is also designed to galvanise all stakeholders to act on corruption in societies in a bid to make fight against corruption less abstract to the citizenry to help personalise fight against corruption and develop personal integrity,” Mr Quayson noted.

He indicated that ACT week sought to create platform to assess NACAP which was in the seventh year of its implementation as well as launch of the National Cultural Review Programme (NCRP) and Schools Integrity Project (SIP).

According to Mr Quayson, the programme also sought to reinforce ever-pressing need to make corruption high-risk and low-gain venture in the country to make integrity hallmark of society, and the objectives of ACT Week was also to create awareness of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and provide an update on status of implementation of NACAP.

He disclosed that it would also build consensus on implementation of NCRP, SIP and consolidate stakeholder participation in fight against corruption in all sectors, as well as reduce inequality in society and advance human rights.

Mr Quayson hinted that the week would also provide the country with another opportunity to prepare for implementation of National Cultural Review programme and SIP provided for under NACAP, and consolidate gains made in reducing inequality and advancing human rights.

“The 2021 Anti-Corruption and Transparency week and High-Level National Conference are expected to make critical contributions to national effort at tackling one of foundational issues of corruption, which is integrity,” he observed. -GNA

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