Chokosis, Konkombas urged to smoke peace pipe

Chokosis and Konkombas chiefs in Greater Accra Region have urged their kinsmen to smoke the peace pipe by laying down their arms and seek the path of peace and stability in the area.

According to them, such conflicts retarded the development of the area, causing endemic poverty among the people.

The call was made at a press conference at Old Fadama, in Accra yesterday, by some opinion leaders and Chiefs who hail from the northern part of the country and based in Accra.

The Konkomba Chief, Ubor Abraham Bio and Chokosi Chief, Famey Zakari Nasoma Watara in Greater Accra Region, jointly appealed to the people in the area to desist from stoking the fire which would promote conflicts in the area.

Present at the press conference were leaders of Chokosi, Konkomba, Dagomba, Gonja, Kotokoli, Sisala, Nanumba, Mossi, Nawuri, Wala, Ewe, Bassari, Kabre, Frafra and Zambramba, within the Greater Accra Region.

Addressing the press conference on behalf of the leaders, an elder at the Old Fadama Yam Market, a suburb of Accra, Reverend George Bawah, said the Chiefs and people in Accra were worried about the conflict between the two ethnic groups and urged them to smoke the peace pipe to prevent reprisal here.

Rev. Bawah said the conflict, which was over a disputed land within Chereponi district, had claimed precious lives from both sides and destroyed properties running into millions of cedis.

He said the clashes had also forced the affected people to flee the conflict areas to neigbouring Togo and other parts of the Northern Region.

Rev. Bawah said the Chokosis and Konkombas had been neigbours for centuries in this country, and had lived alongside each other in villages and towns.

 “The Chokosis and Konkombas have inter-married each other and cannot be quarreling over a piece of land,” he added.

He urged the people in the area, especially the Konkombas and Chokosis to unite and enhance development.

Rev. Bawah called on the government and the security agencies to ensure that normalcy returns to the areas.

The James Town Police Commander, Superintendent of Police (Supt), Wilson Kudze, urged the people in the area to abide by the laws of the land and ensure that there was peace and stability in the area.

He urged the traders to go about their duties and businesses lawfully, to ensure the growth of the economy.

The Commander assured of the police service continuous support in ensuring that lives and properties were saved.


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