Chinese businessman charged for tax evasion

A Chinese businessman, Stephen Ren, has been formally charged by the police on two counts of evasion of tax payment to the state and failure to issue Valued Added (VAT) Tax Invoice to customers in August this year.

Mr Ren, who is the deputy manager of Shi Fu Ren Company, a shop located at the Zongo Lane in Accra, evaded tax payment in the sum of GH¢ 29, 160.00 due the state contrary to Section 59 (1) of the VAT Act 2013 (Act 870).

On the second count, he failed to issue VAT invoices to customers for 81 cartons of shoes sold out during the same period, August 28, 2019.

It is the case of the police prosecution that the complainant in the matter was the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) Special Revenue Mobilisation Task Force while the Mr Ren (accused) deals in slippers, sandals and shoes at Zongo Lane in Accra.

During tax compliance checks on September 9, this year, the team detected that on August 28, 2019, 81 cartons of shoes comprising different official receipts issued to customers were not found in the VAT invoice for the same day of August 28.

The case of the police was that during investigations, Mr Ren admitted having sold the 81 cartons of shoes to customers, but were not covered by VAT invoices.

According to the police, Mr Ren invaded tax of GH¢ 29, 160.00 as a result of the failure to issue VAT Invoice on 81 cartons of shoes.


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