Chieftaincy forum cautions against politicisation of NHC

The Chieftaincy Forum, Africa, an independent platform formed to put the integrity of the traditional authorities in check against polarisation, has cautioned that the National House of Chiefs (NHC) risks losing focus on keeping high ethical values if the growing politicisation of its elections is not stopped.

“The Chieftaincy Forum, Africa, have observed with pain and worry the pace at which morality is taking a nosedive in our chieftaincy institution, once revered for its strong moral standards which included but not limited to anti-corruption standards and high ethical values” it said.

The call comes on the back of bribery allegations against some chiefs ahead of the National House of Chiefs’ elections contained in a statement issued by Philip Mensah, the Spokesperson for Chieftaincy Forum which called on the chiefs to put an end to the act.

It expressed worry about traditional authorities who constituted moral paragons and critical voices in the fight against the canker of corruption are themselves allegedly being caught in the web by accepting bribes from all kinds of sources.

“Our worry is borne out of genuine concern that the chieftaincy institution which is culturally and constitutionally insulated from political control and manipulation appears to be losing its time tested value of independence and sense of autonomy which used to be its critical hallmarks.

“It is important for traditional authorities to recognise sacred fact, unlike chieftaincy institution which remains in perpetuity, politicians and political office are birds of passage who live in state of flux and what is important is national interest not our individual and parochial interests.

“The concerns notwithstanding, we are consoled by the fact that there remain many conscionable chiefs with true sense of integrity and independence who will not allow themselves to be corrupted by others.

“Such individuals, we believe, are ready to uphold their respective oaths of office and hold sacred their stools and skins and convinced will always defend the pride of their ancestors.

“We salute the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and Togbe Afede XIV and several other important traditional authorities who continuously put the national interest first in all issues and we respect them for their defence of truth and they deserve our commendation and national celebration since our nation needs such voices to keep our political office holders in check by speaking truth to power and encourage rather than denigrate them,” the statement said.


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