Chief urges govt to compel Lands C’ssion, EPA to halt encroachment on Shai Osudoku lands


The Chief of Agomeda in the Shai Osudoku Traditional Area in the Greater Accra Region, Gyase Narh Osa, V, has appealed to government to compel the Lands Commission and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) to halt encroachers destroying farm lands in the area.

The Chief lamented that some unknown armed thugs frequently destroy farms to engage in commercial sand wining and gravels activities, thereby destroying farms in the community.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra on Monday, Gyase Narh Osa V said, many farmers were afraid to visit their farms, following assaults and life threatening messages from these land thugs.

He said, despite several reports to the Lands Commission, EPA and the police at Dodowa and Doryumu, no action had been taken by these organisations to stop the thugs from destroying the lands.

Gyase Narh Osa V said the development was creating nuisance on their lands which had resulted in numerous uncovered dugout pits full of water and breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

“The winning of the gravels and sand has led to air pollution due to the copious amounts of dust spewing into the atmosphere resulting in high prevalence of respiratory related diseases in the area.

The encroachers’ activities are destroying the fertility of the land and rendering the farmers jobless as they continue to cause nuisance to farmers,” he said.

The Acting Head of the Lasi family, Benjamin Teye Adegbetor, added that some individuals and the companies who were carrying out excavation and winning operations were without the requisite valid licenses and permits from the regulatory bodies.


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