Charlie Company wins military Novice Boxing competition

The Charlie Company of the Army Recruits Training School’s (ARTS) under the Boxing Infantry Training Course-1/2019 emerged winners at the end of the Inter Company Novice Boxing Competition.

The tournament, held annually by the ARTS, was for the first time, opened to the general public to improve upon relations between the military and the civilian population.

The event began on Monday and climaxed on Friday with 40 recruits lurking horns to achieve victory for their individual teams.

They included Alpha Company, spotting red colours, Bravo Company in blue and Charlie Company, clad in yellow.

Colonel Komey, Provost Marshal and guest of honour at the event, stated that the event was to build courage and endurance within the recruits and these were qualities expected in military personnel.

“It is for this reason that one of the conditions for entering the army is to be physically fit, which is why we held this competition to test each recruit’s ability and endurance levels,” Col Komey added.

He noted that the demands of the military work was dependent on the physical ability of the soldiers and urged them to take their training seriously to ensure that they were fit at all times.

“Boxing was chosen to be part of their training as it had been determined by research to be an intensive sport which required athletic prowess, strength, speed, agility, endurance, hand-eye coordination, nerve power and critical thinking to overcome your opponents,” the Provost Marshal added.     

Col Komey noted that the competition was to also teach them survival techniques “so that in the event they faced an enemy in the battlefield and they had no weapons on them, they would be able to fight or box their way out of trouble.”

Awards and medals were given to the best male and female boxers and a special award presented to the bravest boxer who lost in the end.


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