CEO of Bui Power Authority woos investors

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bui Power Authority, Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, has called on institutional investors, private financiers, and the global energy market leaders to partner the Bui Power Authority to achieve the net zero target by investing in solar power plants.

The investment, he said, would help through the installation of Solar PVs and hybridisation to diversify the country’s energy mix and augment the country’s power generation.

Speaking at the Powering Africa Summit in Washington DC, USA, under the theme ; “Capital Flows Underpinning the Energy Transition”,  MrDzamesi said, “BPA is seeking partnerships to develop additional solar power plants which will be tied to the development of hydro in Ghana.”

Mr Dzamesi, assured the investors that the Bui Power Authority did not renege on its contractual obligations.

He said investing in the solar sector in Ghana would help diversify their investment portfolios and generate better returns on their investment.

The Powering Africa Summit organised by EnergyNet Limited and which started in 2015 is tailored to support stakeholders of the US Government, by bringing together institutional investors, private financiers, service and technology providers from North America and Africa with ministerial and governmental participation from countries across Africa to drive energy developments on the continent.


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