Centre 4 TransAtlantic Studies gives to Street Academy

Centre 4 TransAtlantic Leadership and Progressive Studies, an organisation that trains teachers in Ghana to enable them impart their knowledge to students, paid a visit to the Street Academy on Friday.

The visiting team included medical doctors from the United States of America who also taught the children how important exercising and personal hygiene was to them.

The institution presented a couple of items and gadgets to the Academy to make teaching and learning much easier.

One of the medical doctors, Dr Onequa Hampshire, advised the children and assured the management of the Academy of her continuous support to the needy in society.

“You should make every effort to learn everything you can, even though it may seem difficult right now. If they are trying to teach you a craft or a trade, do that because it will just help you down the road. I was that 14-year-old kid who was put out there, so I am aware that it is doable. 

“If you stay focused and learn to take care of yourself, you won’t be able to get sidetracked by anything you see. My biggest priority was God; I had to pray and rely on Him, because at 14, what else was I supposed to do?”

Dr Hampshire said she was passionate about giving back to society, whether it was in the United States or Africa “because I understand many of them are homeless, without food, and without clothes.”

“I once had no family or a place to call home, so if they can just maintain their concentration and work to improve themselves via education, as well as work to do things the correct way rather than attempting to cut corners, will that assist them in the long run? As a result, keep your focus and pursue your study. God will provide, and the sky is the limit,” she advised.

Director of the Street Academy, Ataa Lartey, expressed gratitude for the support and assured that the items and gadgets would be put to good use.

“I thank you very much for the support. Indeed, I don’t like it when I see children, especially females, engage in prostitution and give birth here and there without responsible men; whilst the boys also engage in armed robbery.

“It makes my heart break. I am pleading with the general public and corporate entities to assist in improving the lives of our street children, since they are the future leaders. This will aid in the prevention of deviants and outcasts in society,” he added.

Currently, the Academy takes care of about 600 underprivileged children, 60 of which are in the Academy.

The Street Academy is an institution that caters for deprived children, offering them education, sports and culture.

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