Catholic Bishops slam vigilante groups …calls on public to promote peace, security

The Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference (GCBC) is deeply saddened by lawless activities of political vigilante groups describing it as a threat to peace of the nation and lives.

They also expressed regret about the recent high profile cases of murder and the kidnapping of girls in the Western Region.

These were contained in the 2019 Lenten Pastoral Statement signed and issued by Most Rev. Philip Naameh, President of GCBC and the Metropolitan Archbishop of Tamale.

The GCBC called on the government to provide security agencies in the country with the necessary logistics and equipment to enable them deal with growing cases of lawlessness.

It further charged the government to put in place the necessary measures to forestall criminal occurrences in the future to ensure the safety and security of all citizens and residents in the country.

The statement reminded all citizens and residents that Ghana was the only country they have and were bound to promote peace and security for development.

“We all must commit ourselves to building her up as a beacon of hope, peace and progress by living the ideals of patriotism, selflessness, hard work and love towards one another in spite of our ethnic, political and religious differences, while eschewing every act of lawlessness, violence, indifference, apathy, bribery and corruption,” it added.

The statement highlighted huge progress made towards the restoration of peace in Dagbon after years of protracted conflict and prayed that the new-found peace in the area would be sustained to lead to development.

It hoped for similar peace-building efforts at the Alavanyo- Nkonya enclave, Sankore, Mim, Drobo and Japekrom, among others, to allow residents work towards improving their livelihoods.

“Our country at this material moment needs her sons and daughters to live in peace and harmony in their homes and families, in their localities, in their places of work, in their social intercourse, in their clans and ethnic groups and in the nation as a whole,” it added.

As the country prepares to celebrate its 62ndindependence anniversary, the statement asked Ghanaians to be grateful to God for the peace and stability in the country and build on its significant gains towards economic development and prosperity.

It called on all Ghanaians especially Catholics to intensify their life of prayer, fasting and good works in the season of Lent.

“We believe that it is time to change our hearts and seek peace and reconciliation with God, neighbours and the world around us, and our prayer is that we will all endeavour to use this year’s Season of Lent to seek peace and reconciliation with God, our neighbours and the creation around us,” the statement noted.

It urged all parishes, outstations and institutions to continue to organise penitential services especially for individual confessions adding that through Lenten spiritual exercises, “we will implore the mercy and goodness of God for ourselves and Ghana, uniting our hearts and minds together in seeking peace and reconciliation with God, our neighbours and creation.”

By Times Reporter

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