‘Capitalise on technological advances to build capacity, grow businesses’

Women have been urged to take advantage of the digital space to build their capacity and businesses.

Ms Pearl Nkrumah, Executive Director, Retail & Digital Bank­ing at Access Bank, who made the call at an event organised by Global Media Alliance (GMA), a leading Integrated Media and Entertainment Company, as part of activities to mark this year’s In­ternational Women’s Day in Accra, advised women to aspire and build their dreams with perseverance.

“Technology tools are not gen­der sensitive, hence women who yearn to be acquainted with these tools can be without any hindranc­es,” she said.

The theme for the 2023 Inter­national Women’s Day is “Digi­tALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”.

The GMA event, held un­der the theme “Capitalising on technology to position and improve yourself”, was com­memorated with an all-female and thought-provoking dialogue.

Sharing her corporate career journey and experiences in the digital space, the Retail Executive urged women to be more con­fident in who they are and what they do despite the strenuous restrictions they face.

“Sometimes we are restricted by ourselves or even those closest to us. Anytime you make up your mind to do something some people may discourage you using the gender card excuse, especially when you want to rise to the top in business or at the work place. It is high time we shun all those discouragements and pursue our goals” she echoed.

On her part, Chief Director at GMA, Ms Emma Wenani, stated that “the theme for this year’s cel­ebration of International Women’s Day is inspiring and a call for us as women to capitalise on techno­logical advances and pursue our ambitions to the very end. Women are unique in their contributions and in their roles in society”.

She also encouraged her female colleagues to demonstrate their skills with determination to be able to achieve their dreams.

The event saw the presence of the Country Manager for Silver­bird Cinemas, Funmi Onuma, Head of Human Resource at GMA, Fafa Gbeho, among other ladies from the various subsidiar­ies of GMA Group.

Later the same day, Global Media Alliance organised a Twit­ter Space on the topic “Champi­oning Innovation and Technolo­gy for Gender Equality”.

Speaking on embracing equi­ty, the Co-Founder of Copianto AI, Daniella Darlington, said hu­mans come from different back­grounds and hence “We need to empower girls and women on the use of tools and resources that will be helpful to them especially in the tech space”.

On initiatives to advance gender equity, CEO of Hypenet Digital and HugeStudios Printing Press, Rhoda N. Y. Odoi, said social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, had made it possible for women to display their work and portfolio and to express themselves better. “The platform is there; it’s all about how you position your­self”.


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