C.K TedamVasity scraps admission form fees …to enable poor, needy students to access institution

The C.K Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences (CK-UTAS) in Navrongo has scrapped admission form fees to enable poor and needy students seek admission into the institution at no cost.

Prospective applicants with the entry requirement are only expected to log on to the website and complete the admission form online.

The first Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Eric Magnus Wilmot, told the Ghanaian Times at Navrongo on Thursday that the policy of the University to give access to needy students who did not have money to buy admission forms.

Noting that the people in the area are predominantly farmers, he said it was prudent to offer their students access to the university, given that they experienced financial challenges during glut when they sold their farm produce cheaply and drought or poor rainfall.

“Navrongo’s economy is not like the Cape Coast, Accra or Kumasi, let’s be realistic, what happens to them during the harvest time, the market is clog, when the harvest season is now over or low, how is the person going to survive?” he asked.

“The person who does not have money can have his or her child apply and get admission and look for the available scholarships,” he added.

“The government is issuing a lot of scholarship into the tertiary education landscape, but to be able to apply, you need an admission letter, how can the person apply when he or she did not get the GHC200 or GHC 250 to buy the forms?” he queried.

Besides, he added that the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), District Assemblies and others were also offering scholarship for needy students to apply once they got the admission.

He added that it was the policy of the University not to sell admission forms to students who were not assured of admission.

For instance, he said it was not proper to sell admission forms for 30,000 applicants when you have admission for only 10,000.

“If there is anything, you can find a way of letting the applicant seeking admission to pay something small as processing fees,” he added.

The CK -UTAS, was formerly Navrongo Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS).

It was granted autonomous status with the passage of an Act of Parliament (Act 1000), in 2019, and took off in 2020 with the  establishment of the governing board appointment of key staffs.

It is currently restructuring itsprogrammes, envisaging 10 schools and centres gradually being rolled out.


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