Businesses urged to review management models to attract customers

Businesses have been urged to consistently review management models to prioritise consumer demand and join the move to a digitally oriented workplace.

Speaking at the launch of Customer Experience Professionals Ghana, Head of Marketing at the University of Ghana Business School, Dr. Kobby Mensah indicated that this would foster a sustainable business environment as customer experiences would be better.

“Today, the world economy has taken a departure from the 80s and 90s manufacturing plants to a digitally dominant, service oriented one, where consumers are paying increasing attention to experiences in goods and services and ideas market. This means the application of traditional concepts which were developed around the manufacturing regime to guide the continuous improvement of modern enterprises is almost unsustainable, hence the emergence and call for new frameworks consistent with modern consumer demands in service oriented digitally dominant economies, ’’ he said.

“It is therefore necessary for stakeholders in business to consistently review and engage in management models that could foster sustainable business environment. This is the reason behind the launch of Customer Experience Professionals in Ghana,” he said.

President of Customer Experience Professionals Ghana, Esther Ofosu-Hene, said a happy customer meant a thriving business which translates into a booming economy.

“When customers are happy and loyal, they invest in organisations. The same goes for citizens, when they are happy, they stay in the country to work towards a booming economy,” she said.

Customer Experience Professionals Ghana is a professional association and governing body created to represent a diverse member base of over 200 qualified Customer Experience Professionals, Organizational Leaders, Service Providers in the CX industry, Academia etc. with a vision to “Transform Industry through Customer Experience.”

Customer experience refers to how customers feel or perceive the whole series of encounters when they buy goods or services or interact with a company. They are more likely to return if their impression or perception of the seller, brand, or service is a good one.

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