Bruno Nicoletti on Why He Believes Self-Aware Individuals Have a Greater Chance of Success

Whether it’s building a business, meeting our personal and professional goals, or attaining high levels of success, a healthy degree of self-awareness is always essential. Continually self-aware people have better communication skills, increased insight, refined talents, and an overall better understanding of where they are and where they want to be. Of course, self-awareness can be scary, and it takes a mentally strong person to embrace the realities that come with being self-aware. Yet, Bruno Nicoletti innately understands that self-awareness is critical to executing your vision.

Bruno Nicoletti was well known for being one of the top names in finance. At just 24 years old, he was in the top 5% of financial advisors globally but decided on a major career shift into entrepreneurship when he noticed the unmet demand for automation in the FinTech industry. “I had a great career in finance, but I knew I could achieve so much more if I went out on my own,” states Bruno. “At such a young age, I had to take a very good look at my strengths and weaknesses and figure out how I could apply them in a way that would attribute to my company’s success.”

Bruno Nicoletti founded Hummingbird, a company that utilizes AI and automation to optimize LinkedIn leads. He isn’t content to merely sit on the success of his $5.6M company. “It’s challenging to go out on your own, but it can be done,” explains Bruno. “You have to be incredibly self-aware, in the sense that you will address your shortcomings by finding the right people, and you’ll enhance your strengths by dedicating time and focus to what you can do well. One person can’t do everything on their own, and self-awareness guides us to make the right choices and choose the right people to hire.”

Understanding where you can do better is crucial, and that means putting aside your ego to see your work for what it is. “There is always somewhere we can improve even in our best times, and that is where self-awareness empowers our vision forward,” states Bruno Nicoletti. “Executing your vision is about looking ahead and acting on what needs to be done to propel yourself forward. Self-awareness keeps you looking forward as opposed to behind, helping you reach your goals quicker.”

Excited for what’s ahead and committed to working towards his goals, Bruno Nicoletti stays true to his core beliefs and values. He says, “Self-aware people usually let their awareness call the shots, letting go of all ego and self-deprecating thoughts that could hold them back.” Not letting the opinions of others or his ego hold him back, Bruno Nicoletti continues to create the life of his dreams.

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