Bring back football – Lepowura appeals to government

Former Ghana Football Association (GFA) President, Lepowura Alhaji Mohammed MND Jawula, has called on the government of Ghana to support the football governing body in its quest to ensure the return of the sport in the country.

Speaking to the media at the International Press Centre after John Vigah’s book launch on the Brazil 2014 World Cup recently, Lepowura appealed to the government to step in to help footballers in Ghana, because they are also youth who must be empowered by the nation, in the recovery process.

“The state must assist the Ministry of Youth and Sports to bring back football, I think some of the COVID -19 funds must be given to football, because the players are important,” he noted.

“It’s like a creeping child and the government must help our players who are good and solid.”

Lepowura, who is chairman of the Premier League Management Committee, said that in countries that he visited like Liberia, Nigeria and Cote d’ Ivoire, their governments are helping their football clubs and players with funds, and Ghana can do same.

“I believe Ghana can come out of the pandemic, which is a natural cause, and we must be able to put football on its feet,” he emphasised.

He observed that the Kurt Okraku-led administration was bringing back the love of the game as football fans started attending matches and officiating was prompt and impressive with an improvement in the standard of the game of football in Ghana.

According to him, as chairman of the Premier Clubs Committee, he was optimistic that football competitions can restart in October.

“Indeed, I’m sure with the support of the government, the game will return with delight by October,” Lepowura said.


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