Brighter Purpose Foundation Partners El-Wak Keep Fit Club To Sensitise Public To Diabetes

Brighter Pur­pose Foundation, education and health advocacy group, in con­junction with the El-wak Keep Fit Club on Saturday organised an aerobic exercise, at the El-wak Sports Stadium in Accra, to sensitise the public on the dangers of diabetes, a major health problem that is associated with high blood sugar.

Dubbed ‘Diabetes Awareness Aerobics’ the participants under­went about two hours of aerobic exercise under the supervision of physical training instructors to keep fit and improve on cardiovas­cular health.

“We are using aerobics to drive away diabetes,” the chairman of the club, Emmanuel Tetteh told the Times Sports.

He added: “We are here to throw more light on the disease, it has been proven that exercise is one of the remedies that keep diabetes away.”

At the sideline was a diabetes screening by Health Belt Founda­tion, a non-governmental organi­sation that focuses on preventive health.

The Managing Director of Brighter Purpose Foundation, Maabena Webb, said November being diabetes awareness month, they decided to collaborate with the El-wak Keep Fit Club to raise public awareness on the dangers of diabetes, as part of their corpo­rate social responsibility.

“We want to drum home the dangers of the disease; yes diabe­tes exist but there are ways to curb it through lifestyle changes, good balanced- diet, regular exercising, that is what we are doing today,” she said.

“As a country, we need to come together as policymakers and regulators and try to encourage vegetable production and make them available on the market and affordable under healthy condi­tion,” Mrs. Webb said.

She advised the public to exer­cise to burn the carbohydrate and fat intake and encourage the use of non- sugar, no- calories sweet­eners such as Splenda stevia.

The Chief Patron of the El-wak Keep Fit Club, Dr Madeez Adamu Issah said diabetes awareness month was a significant occasion for the club to join forces to increase public awareness on the need to avoid sedentary lifestyle but remain active to improve gen­eral well-being.


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