Breaking 8-yr cycle agenda to entrench power—Yaa Jantuah

Nana Yaa Jantuah, the General Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), has revealed that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has a hidden agenda to hold on to power after their constitutional tenure of office has expired.

She hinted that the NPP were doing what they could to stay in power beyond 2024 despite the anger among most citizens who were determined and committed to boot them out of power for massive corruption and tyranny.

According to her, breaking the eight years political cycle was the vision of the NPP to entrench power against the citizenry and after their tenure ends, they will leave power and not entrench power on the will of the people.

 “When your time is up, it is up and you need to leave power because the people may have had enough of you and it is not for nothing that the 1992 Constitution gave every elected government to be out of power after every four years and every party that stays on after its mandated tenure would have exhausted all its compelling ideas to satisfy the citizenry.

“Breaking the eight mantra is an agenda to psyche Ghanaians to accept the 2024 elections results when it favours the NPP again but there could be foul means to make that happen in the next polls so we have to prevent the foul play from happening however, the government can be testing the waters with its popular mantra to stay on after 8 years,” Ms Jantuah asserted.

She intimated that the government was using the breaking the eight agenda to neglect pressing issues that were being raised by civil society organisations, agitating youth groups, and the concerns raised by opposition parties and insisted that “breaking the eight-year cycle is akin to holding on to power against the people’s wish which is problematic because some people have said we should.

“It is problematic because when water is kept in a bottle for a longer period, it becomes stench, the party may have been bereft of ideas and the president who was re-elected in December 2020 cannot run for elections in the 2024 polls, but it has become obvious that the NPP is bent on staying in power for 12 years or more after it introduced the slogan,” Ms Jantuah

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