Brand yourselves to meet market needs -Ama Addo Agyekum

The ‘Music Film and Celebrity Fair’ was launched yesterday in Accra with a call on talented individuals to brand themselves to meet market needs.

The launch which saw performances from indigenous musicians and comedians co locates with Entrepreneurs Exhibition and Conference.

It aims at providing an enabling platform for young talented individuals in the creative art industry, to showcase their talent to prospective buyers.

Speaking in an interview with Times Weekend, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Mikaddo Conference Centre, Ms Ama Addo Agyekum announced that the main event was slated for November 29 to December 1.

She explained that the event would create a platform for pre-Christmas business engagement between exhibitors, entrepreneurs, vendors and merchandisers in the music and film industry.

Ms Agyekum noted that most talented youth like singers, artist (portraitist), writers and comedians among others did not get right avenues to exhibit their talent, thus the fair.

Outlining some of the activities, she stated that exhibition of goods and services would run through the period and urged entrepreneurs as well as individuals to grab a space from her outfit to showcase their products and services.

“Several activities like exhibitions, seminars, business startup hubs, red carpet networking cocktails, film shows and premiering will take place,” she added.

Mr Kofi Arhin, Director of Operations of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP) observed that some talented individuals are unable to brand their talent for the market.

He said creating a unique brand was prominent in today’s competitive world and urged talented individuals to sharpen their skills for entrepreneurial purpose.

That he said would enable them to make money, stressing that “any talent which does not bring money to your pocket is not worth it.”

He reechoed the readiness of government to financially support talented persons to excel as entrepreneurs and advised them to embrace opportunities created by the government to support young entrepreneurs.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr Iddi Ziblim, expressed his outfit commitment to support activities that could accelerate job creation in the country and promised to promote entrepreneurial interventions through the arts, entertainment and cultural diversity.


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