Bortinor Kwame Anu Family Head murdered

Kpakpo Allotey, the Head of the Kwame Anu Family, was allegedly shot dead by unknown assailants in Bortianor, in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region.

On Sunday night, the attackers forcefully entered Allotey’sbedroom through the window and door, dragged him from his homeand shot him dead a few metres away from his home.

The assailants, numbering about 18, shot MrAllotey, a father of eight, in the head, and they moved his body a short distance away from his residence.

Eyewitnesses reported on Adom News that the attackers inflicted machete wounds on the BortianorAnu Family Head before killing him.

Hannah Kpakpo, the daughter of the deceased, has appealed to the security personnel to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and bring the perpetrators, who are currently at large, to justice.

The entire Bortianor community is now living in fear, as the targeted attack is believed to be a deliberate attempt to eliminate specific leaders.

NiiClemenceAboanu, the Dzaasetse of Bortianor, revealed that the assailants initially attempted to harm him, but they unable to gain access to his house.

He said the attackers targeted the head of the family and ended his life.

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