Book on ‘The origin of the Black and White Race’ launched

A book explaining the mystery of God’s creation of the black and white race has been launched in Accra.

The book titled “The Origin of the Black and White Race” reveals how God created all nations of men through the blood of Adam and the truth about how God created whites and blacks.

Speaking at the launch last Saturday, Mr Ebenezer Laryea, the author of the book, said contents of the book were a revelation from God.

He said the skin colours were “God’s own divine decoration,” as a result, the book explained “the ancient conflict of the origin of the human complexion which continued to agitate the minds of many.”

Mr Laryea noted that the name Cush or Ethiopian in the bible helped in identifying that the black race came from Adam and Eve, Noah, his wife and his children.

For the inception of the white race, he said “the angels or the sons of God came down on the earth and married the black women and had children with them, these children became the white race.”

“So what the world needs to know is that between the spirit of God and the daughters of men, God formed a seed of an angel in the womb of the black women by birth through the blood of Adam,” he said.

Mr Laryea entreated the entire citizenry to read the book in its entirety to unravel the truth about the historical data and “obtain the full answered questions raised in them.”

Rev. Dr Emmanuel Ahia Clottey, Former Executive Director, Seed Production Division, Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), who was the Chairman of the programme, said there was the need for the author to be celebrated as he had added to knowledge.

The chairperson who is also the leader of the Ultimate Christian Ministry, said “perfect preparation prevented poor performance for which reason one in preparing for the future required knowledge.”

Rev. Clottey emphasized that the black and white race were not disadvantaged and should not “feel inferior before anyone, knowing that despite your race, you are created by God.”

He encouraged all and sundry to get copies of the book and add to their knowledge.

Ms Anette Chao Garcia, Cuba Ambassador to Ghana, encouraged all to patronise and read the book in order to add to their knowledge and be abreast with the concept of how the black and white race came about.


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