Book on ‘Essential Themes in Land and Customary Law’

A Justice of the High Court in Ghana and The Gambia, Justice Alexander Osei Tutu, has authored a book titled “Essential Themes in Land and Customary Law.”

The highly acclaimed book provides a comprehensive insight into understanding the Land Law in Ghana.

It also gives details of the provisions of Act (1036) and their application by the courts.

This new land Act makes chiefs, family heads, tendanas, clan heads and all other authorities in charge of stool or family lands accountable as fiduciaries therefore subject to disciplinary sanctions if they failed to comply with their duties.

Custodians of lands are also required by the Act to establish a customary Land Secretariat for the management of their respective lands.

In chapters one and two of the book, allodial title under the Land Act and how it had been eroded in recent times was also thoroughly examined by the author.

Speaking at the launch held at the High Court Complex, Accra, Justice Osei Tutu stated that section 13 of the new Land Act had similar wording to Article 36(8) of the 1992 Constitution adding that the Act ultimately sought to satisfy the provisions of the constitution.

Commenting on the significance of the book, a retired Supreme Court judge William Atuguba commended the author for taking the lead to discuss the subject matter of land use in Ghana.

A Supreme Court Judge Justice Jones Dotsein his remarks recommended the book to all legal practitioners and law students across the country.

In a message to endorse the book, national president of the Ghana Bar Association, Mr Yaw Boafo, indicated that for practising lawyers at the Bar, it was “refreshing to have judges author books to not only add to the existing legal literature but to appreciate the mindset of our judges and perspectives from the Bench, in whose bosom the law lies.”

“Judges, as public officials have a great deal to contribute to demystifying principles of law and its practice at our courts and this is what the author has accomplished by this book.


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