Bongo District Hospital gets new children’s ward

The Amuna family and partners has handed over a newly constructed children’s ward to the management of the Bongo District Hospital in the Upper East Region to help improve upon health delivery services in the area.

The facility  is made up of  80-bed capacity Kids’ Ward,  two baths, two toilets, a staff rest room, changing room, a staff lavatory, a wide nurses’ bay and a store room as well as electrical fittings.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony in the district on Friday, the Medical Superintendent of the Bongo District Hospital, Dr William Gudu commended Engineer William Amuna, former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Grid Company (GRIDco) Limited  and his family for collaborating with their partners to raise funds for the construction of the facility .

He said the only hospital in the district with a catchment population of more than 1,000 was converted into a district hospital in 1996 without corresponding increase in infrastructure and equipment.

“Until now, for several years, we have no alternative but to contravene medical ethics and norms by accommodating the vulnerable and susceptible children in the same ward with adult females.  In the peak malaria season, two kids sometimes have to share one bed; not because there are no beds, but for sheer lack of space in the ward,” he revealed. 

The Medical Superintendent stated that following the float management of the hospital threw out to stakeholders on the need for separate ward for children, Engineer William Amuna quickly mobilised resources from amongst his family members and other partners and put up the facility.

He stated that the new facility would undoubtedly motivate and enhance the image and confidence of both staff and patients in the health service delivery.

“I want to once again express my special and sincere gratitude to the Amuna family for this enormous support.  The level of patriotism, commitment and alacrity in funds flow, speed and quality of the works carried out has won the admiration of all stakeholders. I believe this gesture will remain a timeless legacy to their credit and will act as a catalyst for the future generation to follow suit. Kudos!!” the Medical Superintendent indicated.

Dr Gudu revealed that the hospital has provided an apron, all sewage and drainage systems, mattresses, ward linen, curtains, external urinals and would station paediatric and adequate number of nurses to run a three shift 24-hour services in the ward.

He stated that the management of the hospital was also indebted to a local NGO called “Teere” and its partners for also donating assorted clinical furniture and equipment and brought German experts to train staff of the facility on the use of the equipment they donated.

Mr William Amuna explained that what prompted them to raise funds towards the building of the structure was a story carried out by the media, indicating that the Bongo District Hospital lacked children ward facility.

He stated that apart from the 10 family members from the Amuna family contributing towards the project, friends and partners of the Amuna family also contributed towards the project building.


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