Bole MCE rescued from dismissal

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bole, Madam Alele Heming has been rescued from being sacked as demanded by the chiefs and people of Bole traditional area.

Salifu Adam Braimah, the Savannah Regional Minister, came to her rescue as part of his efforts to resolve and restore peace in Bole and the region as a whole, when he appealed to the traditional authorities of Bole to hold onto a petition they intended to send to the president for her removal from office.

According to the traditional authorities, Madam Alele Heming was one of the major reasons why Bole was facing its current chieftaincy disputes and they accused her of fuelling some of the misunderstandings in the traditional area.

However, Mr Braimah was able to intervene to stop the chiefs from petitioning the president for her removal after a successful appeal to the traditional authorities, made them sign a written document, as an indication that they would rescind their decision.

An intended press conference on the matter by the traditional authorities and youth of Bole traditional area has also been put on hold and a delegation from the Bole traditional area is expected to meet with the Minister in Damongo, the Savannah Regional capital for onward deliberations on how to resolve the issue.

Bole is currently suffering from chieftaincy disputes and land litigation with two people battling each other over who to rule over Bole. –

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