Black Mercedes-Benz driver fined GH₵1, 800

The driver of black Mercedes-Benz with registration number C-63-18, was yesterday fined GH₵1,800 by the Kaneshie District Court for reckless driving.

He was captured on video displaying reckless stunts at the Airport Traffic Light Intersection, in Accra, which went viral on social media.

 Kofi Sasa Buckman was arrested by the police on October 24 , this year, and was charged with careless driving and dangerous driving posing danger to road users.

He pleaded guilty to all the charges leveled against him.                                                                                 

Buckman failed to make his first appearance to court last Monday, with the explanation that he was under the weather.

Few days ago, a video that was widely circulated on social media captured a Mercedes-Benz driver pulling a ‘fast and furious’ stunt on the road.

After doing a series of U-turns in the middle road while other road users watched on with scared looks, Buckman sped off before the lights turned green.


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