Bede Ziedeng doubts ROPAA feasibility

 Mr Ziedeng

Mr Ziedeng

Acting Director of Elections of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Bede Ziedeng has stated that the decision by the Electoral Commission (EC) to have a committee in place for the implementation of the Representation of the People Amendment Act (ROPAA) may not be necessary as the policy is not feasible.


He explained that the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting held to discuss the issue was more of a briefing by the Commission than a deliberation.


Mr Ziedeng noted that the EC only briefed members of the various political parties about a decision by an Accra high court and there should be a roadmap for the implementation of ROPAA.

“The working group will have various representations from various political parties, civil organisations, the Electoral Commission itself and some other groups and will be mandated to carry out a survey which will include holding discussions with various stakeholders, touring various regions and some constituencies to elicit views in order to present a report to the EC.

“IPAC will study the report and make recommendations in order to draw conclusions because there are loopholes in the exercise and some questions remain unanswered, if you decide to have a selected few for its implementation, are you going to limit yourself to African countries, European countries, American or Asian countries.

“This is a fundamental challenge which is difficult for anybody to consider the implementation of ROPAA, we don’t see the feasibility of that particular project since Ghanaians all over the world are entitled to register and vote but the Commission is likely to be selective in the implementation of ROPAA,” Mr Ziedeng cautioned.

Albert Arhin, a former Director of Elections at the EC, also said the decision to implement ROPAA was laudable and in the right direction because it had been long overdue.

“Ghanaians in the diaspora have been yearning to cast their vote, at least we can go in for the presidential polls because for the presidential, the whole country is one constituency which will be quite easy to manage.


“The various political parties should be organised and appoint representatives to help because other smaller nations are giving their citizens the right to cast their ballots,” Mr Arhin pointed out.


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