Bear ‘bribes’ guard dog with bones

One Canadian man has claimed that his pet dog is in cahoots with a bear – and the incredible story of interspecies cooperation has impressed thousands across the world.

Jesse Jordan recently took to Twitter to talk about how his dog, Brick, is apparently accepting deer bones from a wild bear – and giving him access to the household trash in return.

In a Twitter thread that has gone viral with thousands of retweets, Jesse explained that his guard dog has been bribed by a bear on three separate occasions.

“The bear has learned that my furry son can be bought. This is the third time he’s been gifted deer bones in exchange for being allowed access to my trash, and he keeps doing it.”

He shared pictures of Brick with the bones on the micro blogging website, where they have gone massively viral.

Jesse explained further that the bear did not pose a threat to his dog.

“Black bears are a nuisance in northern Ontario and not typically a threat, meaning Brick is very much not likely to get eaten,” he wrote. “If he was, I wouldn’t let him sleep outside.”

This hilarious tale of the bribe-accepting dog and his partner-in-crime has left the Internet in splits.    –

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