Be wary of mobile money fraudsters - UWR Police Commander cautions

The Upper West Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Aboagye Nyarko, has cautioned the public against yielding to mobile money fraudsters.

He explained that “the act has recently taken several forms and it calls for due diligence from the public to avoid falling victim to such unscrupulous persons.”

The Commander said the most popular one was fake alerts, stressing that “these criminals send mobile money alerts to people and call them to complain that they have mistakenly sent money to the person’s account and would want it back.”

DCOP Nyarko was addressing members of the Regular Baptist Church at Wa on Sunday when he joined them to fellowship, and interact with them on security consciousness.

The exercise formed part of efforts by the police to bring its services to the doorsteps of the citizens.

DCOP Nyarko charged the members to avoid sending money to unknown people in the name of mistaken mobile money transfer, but rather check their balance to see if indeed there had been a transaction, and then call such persons to come for the money in person, so that they could be handed over to the police, if they come.

He said his outfit had been inundated with reports of such fraudulent acts and was taking steps to avert the situation, hence the caution to the public to be extra careful with their mobile money issues, especially with keeping their pins and other details to themselves.

“To better protect you this Christmas, we have asked long-distance commercial drivers to request for police escort irrespective of the nature of the vehicle, so if you are joining any vehicle and there is no police escort, you have the right to decide not to join for your own safety”, he said, adding that any driver who did not ask for escort, but went to the station to report of robbery would be considered as an accomplice.

The Commander encouraged the church to partner with the police by volunteering information on suspected criminals or their activities, so that together they could rid the society of such unscrupulous miscreants.

The Regional Crime Officer, Chief Superintendent (C/Supt) Reynolds Manteaw, for his part, advised parents to be very vigilant, so that their kids do not fall victim to kidnappers, money ritualists and rapists.

“Do not leave your children in the care of strangers, not even when you want to use the bathroom; advise your children against taking gifts from strangers; make sure you either accompany or get a trustworthy adult to walk your kids to school every day, and get not more than two people to get them back from school on regular basis to ensure their safety,” he advised the congregation.


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