Be resolute against homosexuality-Rev. Barrigah

The General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Reverend Emmanuel Teiman Barrigah, has asked educational institutions to be resolute and vigilant in preventing homosexuality from infiltrating into their schools, as some students indulge in the act secretly.

“God created woman for man and man for woman. Let us enjoy relationships and sex the right way,” Reverend Barrigah said.

The General Secretary was addressing the 20th Matriculation and 17th Congregation of the Methodist University College Ghana (MUCG), held at the Dansoman Campus in Accra.

A total of 776 were offered admission for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Reverend Barrigah urged Christians to strongly resist and stand firm against all efforts by any government to legalise homosexuality in the country.

He said homosexuality was immoral and against the Christian doctrine which must be condemned to protect Ghana’s cultural values.

“The introduction of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) into our schools is not going to help us because we believe that if we are going to talk about gender rights, to the extent that a girl can decide whether she wants to be a girl or a boy is dangerous to our society,” he stated.

He said the uproar that greeted the introduction of CSE was indicative of what should be expected if any attempt was made by forces, whether internal or external to impose the policy on Ghanaians.

He advised universities to come out with punitive measures against students and lecturers who indulged in sex for grades, homosexuality and all form of immoral acts.

President of MUCG, Professor Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw, warned students especially the fresh students against occultism and homosexual practices.

“We frown on sexual harassment and other gender related offences and had made available a gender desk where matters related to gender could be dealt with,” he said.


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