Be proactive after your confirmation—MMDCEs advised

The minister in charge of Grace Presbyterian Church Community 11 Tema, Reverend Lawrence Tete, has advised nominated Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) that when confirmed they should be proactive and not armchair leaders.

He said they needed to go into the communities to interact with the people and not stay in their offices.

“Your work is out there in the field, go out into the communities, interact with your people, traditional authorities, religious leaders, workers’ group, vulnerable and youth activists to ensure issues are fixed properly,” Rev. Tete stressed.

He admonished all nominees to leave the offices and be proactive in dealing with issues in communities even though the mandate to nominate MMDEs was the prerogative of the president; they are tasked to represent him at the local levels to ensure communities benefitted from progress, growth and development.

Rev. Tete asked them to “justify the confidence reposed in them by the president through hard work, due diligence, faithfulness, service to God, country, not to be partisan to stall or derail socioeconomic development and they need to understand development agenda at local level depends on Assemblies and Coordinating Councils.

“Those who have been nominated, if confirmed must work harder to accelerate socioeconomic development since they will be seen as community, political leaders and together with assembly members they should pray for assistance and support to meet the admiration, hopes and aspirations of communities.

“I also urge Ministers of the Gospel to use the pulpit to encourage members to give assistance and support to nominees, together they will see to progress, growth and development of communities in the metropolis and not the time for MMDCEs to amass wealth, rather share the national cake equally to avoid agitations, tensions and protests by residents,” Rev. Tete stated.-GNA

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