‘Be motivated by DK Poison’s refund’

Minister for Youth and Sports, Isaac Kwame Asiamah, has urged Ghanaian sportsmen and women to be motivated by the government’s positive response to boxing legend David Kotei Poison,and do more for the nation.

The former world featherweight champion was early this month paid $45,000, being monies he borrowed to the nation from his fight purse some 44 years ago.

Successive governments had failed to pay the debt as the boxer made petitions upon petitions until his request was granted by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

According to Mr Asiamah, the President’s gesture must inspire sportsmen and women to do their best for the nation, aware that the government would not let their efforts go waste.

Speaking to Kumasi-based Hello FM on Wednesday, Mr Asiamah said the President’s response to DK was an indication of the fact that “if you are an athlete and you serve the country well, the nation will reward you for your hard work.”

“The man is happy now and I believe that the gesture from the President will encourage others to do their best for the country whenever they compete in any competition. 

“It’s not about D.K Poison as a person, but it’s a big statement from the President that if you work hard, you’ll be honoured. This will motivate and inspire the younger generation, too,” he asserted.

The Sports Minister said he was happy the government took that decision, confirming that the boxer has the money firmly stuck in his accounts.


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